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Gérard DUSUEL (Artist reference "Drouot Quotes" in PARIS)

Gerard DUSUEL, born in 1943, is native of Chalons-en-Champagne.(France)
He lived for many years in RHEIMS (Capital of the Champagne Region, France)
His passion for painting dates back to his early childhood, at a time when his brilliant drawings had already attracted much attention, which prompted him - or rather his parents - tu sign him up to study with a professional, a renowned woman painter.
After many years of evening courses with her, he spent five years at the "School of Fine Arts" of RHEIMS, where he learnt how to paint nudes.
Later, as his professional career brought him to various parts of France, he continued practising and perfecting his skills whenever he had the chance to meet artists who inspired him.
Until the Eighties, he was painting for pleasure. Then, for fifteen years, he started taking part in large International Art Fairs, in Paris, Barcelona (Spain), New-York City, Florence (Italy)...

He represents women, in all their facets, of all races and all countries of the World, dressed or more often undressed, in a figurative and realistic style, using oil or pastel.

He is member of :

  • The "European Academy of Arts-France" in Paris
  • The "Academy of Arts,Sciences and Litterature" of Paris,
  • The "House of French Artists" in Paris


RHEIMS (France)
LAUSANNE (swiss)
LONDON -Waldorf
PARIS "Carrousel du Louvre"

Pop Art

portrait and female nudes in Pop-Art by a french painter

Portraits and female nudes in " pop art"

Figurative art in pastel

nudes females (figurative art in pastel) by a french painter